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TRICK 9/10, Keyword

Title: Keyword
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yunho
Rating: Hug


For some reason, Jaejoong thinks it’s a fantastic idea for them to bleach his hair themselves this particular time.

“It’ll be fun,” Jaejoong insists with the big eyes. Yunho has by now learned that ‘fun’ is a keyword for ‘you’ll be getting a spectacular lecture from management tomorrow.’

“Why me?” Yunho wants to know even as Jaejoong is already dragging him down the hallway to the bathroom. “We have stylists that actually get paid to do this!”

“That’s not as fun,” Jaejoong dismisses his concerns, fingers locked tight around Yunho’s wrist, and then he shoves Yunho into their tiny bathroom and yanks the door firmly shut behind them. He gives Yunho a grin which Yunho finds more than a touch terrifying. “Besides, they won’t make it as light as I want. You’ll do what I want, right, Yunnie-ah?”

“Yes,” Yunho gives in without a fight, because he’s been realizing recently that he’d do just about anything Jaejoong asked him to, no matter many lectures he got for it.

He swallows hard when Jaejoong casually strips off his shirt before tossing the drugstore bleach kit to Yunho. It takes Yunho a handful of seconds to shake it off when Jaejoong leans into the shower to get his hair wet, before he can fumble open the box with clumsy fingers.

Yunho feels pretty silly in the plastic gloves, but Jaejoong beams up at him trustingly from his seat on the toilet, and Yunho goes to work with the plastic squeeze bottle and the comb he hopes Junsu doesn’t mind donating to the cause. Jaejoong’s eyes flutter shut at the touch of Yunho’s fingers in his hair, and Yunho has to remind himself more than once to pay attention to what he’s doing.

By the time Yunho’s done and they have to let it set, they can’t stop giggling from the peroxide fumes, and they have to throw open the tiny bathroom window and huddle close to each other to breath in fresh air, shivering from the winter wind coming in.

“If we don’t close it, you’ll catch pneumonia,” Yunho scolds, trying to look stern and not crack up at the faces Jaejoong is making at him.

“If we don’t keep it open, we’re going to die of asphyxiation!” Jaejoong points out in return, reaching up to poke Yunho in the face. Yunho grabs his wrists, and when his hands are occupied, Jaejoong darts in to kiss Yunho square on the mouth.

“What was that?” Yunho asks, breathless. Jaejoong just shrugs, lashes lowered and cheeks pink from the cold, pupils dilated from the peroxide fumes or maybe something else. Yunho pulls him close enough to kiss again, hoping it’s more of the second thing so he doesn’t get punched in the face. You never can tell with Jaejoong.

A faint beeping interrupts, although it takes Yunho a few moments to recognize what he’s hearing, and even then, they both ignore it for a little while longer.

“What is that?” Jaejoong finally asks, vaguely annoyed. Yunho looks down and realizes the beeping is coming from his wrist.

“My watch!” he exclaims. “Shit, the timer! How long’s it been?! You have to wash that out of your hair right now!”

“My scalp does kind of sting,” Jaejoong remarks casually, climbing into the shower. A few seconds later, Jaejoong reaches back out to drop his jeans on the floor, and there’s the rush of running water.

Yunho stands in the middle of the bathroom uselessly for a minute or two, staring at Jaejoong’s jeans on the ground and wondering if the dye has penetrated Jaejoong’s brain and whether anybody will notice if it has. Then it finally dawns on him that Jaejoong’s clothes are on the ground and Jaejoong is naked and wet not a foot away from him, and also that Jaejoong kissed him.

“Hm?” Jaejoong asks when Yunho climbs into the shower behind him. He tilts his face up into the spray to clear his eyes for a moment before turning to look at Yunho, and Yunho realizes with a shock that Jaejoong’s hair is almost pure platinum blond.

Yunho gives a nervous titter, because he’s going to be fired. But then he gets distracted by the long line of Jaejoong’s body, skin pale and slick with water, hair heavy against his head and hanging in his eyes.

Jaejoong doesn’t cover himself or try to stop Yunho from looking, and doesn’t resist when Yunho reaches over to cup his face and pull him closer for another kiss. Jaejoong’s skin is cold under Yunho’s hands, but his lips are warm.

“Finally,” Jaejoong mumbles against Yunho’s mouth, wrapping arms tight around Yunho’s shoulders, and then, “You should have gotten undressed before you got in the shower, moron.”

“Less talking, more kissing, blondie,” Yunho retorts, pushing Jaejoong up against the wall and shivering at how dark and wide Jaejoong’s eyes are as he presses their bodies tight together to warm Jaejoong up.

He’s pretty sure it’s not from the peroxide any longer.
Tags: fanfiction, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, rating: hug

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